7 Carpool Tips for Busy Parents

Jan 24 2018

If you’re a modern parent, you’ve grown up with technology. Your phone is your command center. You rely on smart reminders, digital lists, and instant messaging apps to get through your day. So why is staying on top of your children’s rides still so hectic?

Actually, kids’ transportation just hitched a ride to the 21st century. Here’s how you can transform the chaos of driving your kids into an easy endeavor:

  1. Invite other parents to carpool. Why juggle driving to and from each of your kids’ activities every day? Most parents spend more than 90 minutes each day driving their kids around. Spend less time on the road and increase your productivity by coordinating with other parents who have children going to the same places.
  2. Use an app to manage your kids’ rides. Control the chaos of your kids’ rides all in one simple app. With Figure8, you can see all of your children’s activities in one place, invite other trusted drivers to share the load, and keep track of who’s driving and when. The app automatically tells you where to pick up each child and gives you a suggested route, and keeps parents informed of pickups and dropoffs with real-time notifications. Download the app here–it’s 100% free.
  3. Safety comes first. It’s critical not to use your phone while driving. If a parent needs to use GPS during the ride, their phone should be in a hands-free holder. Here’s another place where Figure8 shines: the app notifies other parents during each leg of the trip, so the driver can focus on driving instead of communicating ETA’s and pickup confirmations to other parents.
  4. Use carpool etiquette. An ideal carpool buddy is someone who is punctual, dependable, drives their fair share, and commits to plans once they’re established. That includes you! If you know you won’t be able to drive, let other parents know as soon as possible so they can take your turn.
    On another etiquette note, if a child is misbehaving on your leg of the trip, let the parent know and avoid disciplining them by yourself.
  5. Teach carpool etiquette. Make sure to go over with your child how to behave while carpooling and other carpool rules. That means being ready to go once the driver arrives, talking quietly in the car, treating the driver and their car respectfully, and saying thank you at the end of the ride.
  6. Consider your commitment. It’s okay if you think you might not be able to contribute equally to driving with other families. Let the other families involved know–some might still be willing to carpool. It’s best to be honest about it from the get-go.
  7. Lost and found. Right after the kids get out of the car, it’s always a good idea to double-check the back seat to make sure no one left food or other belongings behind.

We hope these tips will improve the experience of getting your kids from point A to point B! Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll have seamless carpools from now on.

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