The Making of F8 Videos

Sep 19 2017

We felt like movie stars the day we met up with a production team and professional actors to film our three promotional videos. Our surreal day included flying a camera drone, shenanigans in the back of the car, a flaming barbecue, and pizza!

Meet our stressed mom (that is, before she was introduced to Figure8).

And our four kid stars:

Our first location was a beautiful office, where our busy working mom was worried about her daughter getting home from school safely.
(Good thing we shined our shoes before the shoot!)

Our second location was our kids’ favorite–they got to play in the back of a car and make a lot of noise.
Don’t worry, mommy took it with a smile!

We had to drive around and around the neighborhood for a while, but the fabulous footage we got made it all worthwhile.

Our third video required a barbecue, but not for grilling food…

Instead, our carpool planning board went up in flames! Good thing we had pizza to feast upon.

Last but not least, our child actors got to display their talents!

We are really proud of all three of the videos we produced and cannot wait to share them with you!

Coming soon on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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