Seven Simple Tips to Get Your Morning Motivation

Feb 18 2019

Early mornings can be the worst. Waking up, getting the kids ready for school, and trying to get motivated for the week can be a real drag. And let’s face it, no one likes having to wake up extra early just to wait in the school car line for 45 minutes. Luckily the Figure8 app exists to help you organize carpools and take out the stress of driving your kids to school and activities. We all want waking up and getting motivated to take on the day to be easier. The Figure8 team came up with seven quick tips to help busy parents like you get your daily motivation in the morning.

1. Exercise

woman stretching before workout

Yes this is easier said than done. Waking up even earlier to burn calories can sound awful, but it will actually help jumpstart your day! Exercise in the morning boosts your mental and physical energy. A quick 30-minute work out can add consistency to your morning routine, oh and did we mention it helps boost your metabolism? After a morning workout your body burns even more calories through out the day.

2. Create a Small List of Achievable Goals

To do list

Putting your goals in ink can give you the extra push of motivation you need to achieve them. Jot down a small list of easily achievable goals the night before your next busy day.  You can use the list as a reminder and go back to it when you need to remember what needs to be done for the day. Looking for a cute notebook to write your goals? Check out Target’s latest notebook and journal collections.

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Woman sleeping at night

Busy schedules can make it difficult for you to get to good sleep before the next busy day. Good sleep can improve your concentration and productivity significantly. Most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Getting your kids on a good sleeping schedule can help you get into your own sleeping schedule. Everyday Health’s article “10 Tips to Get Kids on a Sleep Schedule“, says putting electronics away when it’s getting closer to bedtime can help kids fall asleep faster.

4. Eat a Wholesome Breakfast

Breakfast foods on the table

It’s easy to grab a quick sweet treat from the Starbucks drive-thru, but eating a healthy breakfast can make a huge difference in your energy. A healthy breakfast improves your performance throughout the day and increases your mental energy to take on your tasks. A poor breakfast can cause fatigue and loss of concentration. Eating a delicious healthy breakfast can motivate you to get out of bed and improve your mood. Try out some of these 55 quick and easy breakfast recipes!

5. Don’t Hit Your Snooze Button

As tempting as it is to get an extra few minutes of sleep, hitting your snooze button will only make it even harder for you to get out of bed. “If you snooze, you loose.” As much of a cliche as it is, this saying rings to be true. Snoozing your alarm decreases your motivation and productivity significantly, causing you start your day off on the wrong foot. Studies show you’re better off setting your alarm to a later time versus snoozing your alarm repeatedly.

6. Listen to Energetic Music

A great way to get in tune with your morning tasks is by listening to some upbeat music. Cranking up the tunes will improve your mood and prepare you to take on the day.  A great playlist to get you moving in the morning is Spotify’s “Wake Up Happy” playlist. Studies have shown that listening to music you enjoy releases dopamine, giving you more motivation and concentration.

7. Get In Your Caffeine

For a quick pick-me-up, the best (and easy) source is caffeine. Even the smell of fresh coffee being brewed in the kitchen is enough to get us out of bed. The caffeine in coffee can increase a person’s motivation by stimulation of their brain. Coffee can increase your motivation almost instantly. Whether you take it black or you get a non-fat caramel latte, you can always rely on a quick cup of joe.

Looking for great way to stay organized and manage your kids’ rides to school and activities? Be sure to download the Figure8 app! Our app will keep you in control and on schedule during your busy work week. With real-time notifications and the capability to connect with those in your community, Figure8 will motivate you to easily take on the challenge of getting your kids to their activities with just a few taps!

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