Why Figure8 is the Easiest School Carpool App

Jul 19 2018

School carpool app

Did you know that American parents spend an average of 90 minutes a day driving their children to and from school and other activities? Figure8 is trying to change that statistic by making it easier for parent communities to carpool. When a school sends Figure8 their parent directory, Figure8 creates a community for them (in the same day!) so that all of the parents in that school can invite each other to carpool in a few taps with the Figure8 app. You can download the free app here to create your child’s carpools.

Some school PTAs have a parent directory available at the beginning of the year to search for parent numbers and emails. Figure8 works with PTAs and schools by creating a community based on the parent directory, so that it’s easier than ever to invite a school parent to carpool!

Figure8 helps parents carpool to school with a free carpool organizer app 

Figure8 allows authorized school parents to invite each other to drive inside the Figure8 app without having each other in their contacts lists. Once a parent or school gets in touch with Figure8 about adding their school community by emailing [email protected], Figure8 will create the community. Parents who already have the app will receive a notification that they’ve been added to their school community, and parents who haven’t yet downloaded the app will see the community once they install Figure8.

In order to invite other parents to drive, parents must create a carpool and then tap on “invite to carpool” (the icon with three people and a plus sign).

Here’s a quick tutorial showing how parents invite other trusted drivers from their child’s school community to drive:

Want to add your school’s parent community to Figure8 so that they can carpool more easily? Email us at [email protected]. Or if you want to try out the app first–download the parent app for free here.

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