How to organize a summer carpool for your kids

Jul 01 2019

Summer’s here! Is dropping off your kids at summer camp or afternoon activities part of your new daily routine? You’re not alone. Many other parents are driving around, just like you. 

Why not share some rides? Teaming up with just one other family means half as much time on the road. Say YES! to extra free time this summer!

Download or open Figure8 to start organizing your summer carpool!

Don’t know where to begin? Here’s how to organize a summer carpool for your kids:

1. Figure out your kids’ summer schedule

Organize your kids' summer rides with Figure8

Create an overview of all your kids’ activities and have a good idea about when you could use help and when you are free to drive yourself.

Tip: Add all your rides in Figure8’s Rides Calendar for a handy overview of all your kids’ activities.


2. Find the right carpool partner(s)

Connect parents in Figure8's kids carpool app

Start with the moms and dads close to you. Talk with school parents, neighborhood parents or parents you meet at sports and afternoon activities to find out if they are interested in sharing rides.

Alternatively, post messages in neighborhood Facebook groups to find a match.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step: your summer carpool can be a good trial for next year’s school carpool as well (double win!).

Tip 1: Start small. You don’t need to fill your car completely from the beginning. Discover step by step how many kids you are comfortable managing.

Tip 2: Sit together with the other carpool parent(s) to make sure you agree on driving rules and kids’ behavior in the carpool.


3. Organize your carpool schedule

Optimize communication between parents with Figure8

Carpools are great, as long as there is good communication and organization. To make sure nobody forgets their turn, and to keep all parents updated, connect your rides, drivers, and kids in Figure8. This way there’s never any confusion.

Tip: Create a community in Figure8 or use the TeamSnap integration to easily connect all parents.


4. Happy carpooling!

Enjoy kids carpools with Figure8

Enjoy your extra free time, and the reassurance your kids arrive safely where they need to be!

Tip: Figure8 shows drivers the quickest route to pick up all kids and sends automated updates on the kids’ whereabouts to all parents.


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