How to Export Your Activities to Google Calendar With Figure8

Dec 18 2018

Iphone Figure8 App with Google Calendar

Planning your Figure8 carpools just got an upgrade! Now you can export individual Activities or your entire Rides Calendar to your Google Calendar with just a few taps! Be sure to update your Figure8 app to use this new feature. Don’t have the Figure8 app? Download it here! Here is a quick five-step guide on how to export your activities to your Google Calendar.

1. Go to your Activities tab and find a relevant activity you want to export and tap the three dots (…)

2. Tap “Export Rides Calendar”

3. Then Choose one of the options: “Entire Calendar” or “Selected Activity”

4. Login or Create your Google Account to access your calendar

5. Ahh Finally, all of your kids’ activities and your schedule all in one place! Go to your Google Calendar afterward to see your Figure8 activities in your schedule!

Be sure to download the Figure8 app to help you sort and plan your kids’ rides easily! Available for iOS and Android. Download Figure8 here!

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