Figure8 is Born

Sep 01 2017

Parents, do you recall the days when your afternoons were free to do with as you pleased? You could go to the gym, focus on your career, spend time with your spouse or just relax! Parents spend an average of 90 minutes each day driving their kids to and from school and after-school activities. In addition to time spent behind the wheel, it’s difficult for parents to find other families to join a carpool, coordinate the schedules of several kids, organize who will drive them, and confirm that they have been picked up and dropped off. A logistical innovation is now available to eliminate the chaos of kids transportation: Figure8. The app is free, community-based, and helps parents manage their children’s carpools with minimal effort.

The app launched in Palo Alto, California, where Figure8 CEO Yaniv Vakrat previously held senior positions at McKinsey, Adobe and PrimeSense (bought by Apple). Vakrat recalls the stress of “pick up time” during those years:

“One day I was taking my daughter to her ballet class in Menlo Park, a ride that typically takes 45 min in heavy traffic. While she was dancing, I waited outside her class and looked around at other parents. We all drove here with our kids, leaving three vacant seats in each car. But if we carpooled, every taken seat would mean another parent having a free afternoon. So why don’t we share our kids’ rides? I then realized that arranging shared carpools is really difficult. There had to be a simpler way for parents to connect and help each other.”

Figure8 has already partnered with a number of California schools to get the app adopted by the entire school’s community. Parents are using the mobile app to schedule rides and carpools back and forth from school, and the school gets visibility into which driver is assigned to pick up
each child on a daily basis and even their ETAs. One school principal said, “Figure8 is a great way to accomplish two key goals: ensuring child safety, and streamlining the hectic dismissal process.”

Beyond schools, Figure8 allows parents to arrange all of their kids’ rides in one place. With a few clicks, parents can create an activity (think: School, Soccer Practice, Trombone Lessons, or Karate), select drivers from their circle of trusted contacts, and schedule pickup and dropoff locations. Incorporating AI technology, Figure8 alerts parents at each step of the carpool cycle, eliminating the need for endless texting and phone calls. The Figure8 app is 100% free and available in the AppStore and in the Google Play Store.

Ever since your budding athlete started playing soccer or your little one started taking ballet, you’ve probably found yourself juggling their activities – planning rides, making sure your spouse or babysitter know exactly when and where to go to drop off or pick up the kids, setting reminders for all of the drivers so no child is left stranded, not to mention spending hours stuck in traffic.

Now you can share the load with other parents and manage all of your kids’ rides in one app. The Figure8 app connects parents within a community and helps them arrange and manage kids’ carpools to save precious time. With real-time updates from the Figure8 Driver Assistant, you can feel in control of where your kids are, so you can enjoy some peace of mind a little free time for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Figure8 now.

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