How Carpooling With Figure8 Helps You Save Money

Dec 02 2018

Figure8 - How carpooling helps you save money

In a world where everything is so expensive, we are always looking for ways to save money, even if it means collecting pennies in a piggy bank.  A great way to save money is carpooling. Carpooling can generate both short-term and long-term savings.

The process of managing carpools can be confusing, and coordinating carpools with other families can be difficult. That’s where the Figure8 app comes in. With just a few taps you can connect with friends and other parents in your community and arrange carpools together. Sort and manage your kids’ activities easily, keep track of their schedule and stay in control. Using Figure8 takes the burden of scheduling off your back, which means making the extra cash by carpooling is now easier!

Less money spent on gas

Watching the price rise as you fill up the tank is always a drag. Luckily with carpooling, you won’t have to spend as much money pumping gas. Having your kid share a ride with just one parent to and from school can save you around $200 a year. But if you have a bigger carpool with more parents, the savings in gas alone could go as high as $600 a year.

Fewer maintenance expenses

Keeping your car off the road will also generate long-term savings by reducing maintenance expenses. Car parts are overly expensive and driving all the time can cause a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. Depending on the type of your car and how much you drive, the total cost of owning a car is between 50 cents per mile to over $1.00 a mile. If your commute is more than 12 miles and you carpool 250 days annually, you could save around $1,500 in a two-person carpool.

Driving your car less will also prolong the life of your car by keeping your mileage down. Driving less decreases the chances of you getting in a fender bender, which can also lead to large amounts of cash out of your pocket.

Ways to share the savings with the family

Saving all this money gives you the chance to put it toward something you can share with the family. You could use the extra cash to help pay for a family vacation, start a college fund for your children, buy an appliance for the house or a new car. You could also spend the money on smaller purchases such as a family dinner, an extra week of summer camp, a date night with your spouse or new gadgets like an iPad or camera.

So why wait any longer when you could be saving now? Download the 100% free Figure8 app so you can save money through organized carpooling. You can even set up a community of parents for your child’s sports team to find easy carpool matches.




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