How Figure8 is Different from Other Kids’ Carpool Apps

Jul 03 2018

Figure8 kids carpool app organizer

Parents, say goodbye to old-school carpool templates and carpool spreadsheets. There’s an app for that now, and it’s 100% free: Figure8! Here’s how Figure8 is different from all of the other kids’ carpooling apps available.

Eva, your personal driver assistant

Virtual assistants are in. At this point, you’ve probably asked about restaurants nearby at least once to either Alexa, Siri, or Cortana (or maybe you’ve even scheduled an appointment with Google’s Assistant!). Figure8 also has its own personal digital assistant: Eva. Eva takes you through step-by-step conversations to help you manage your kids’ activities. With her cheery disposition and cute emojis, Eva can feel like a much-needed personal cheerleader for parents as well. Figure8 is the only kids’ carpooling app with AI digital assistant technology.

Carpool community feature

Figure8’s “Communities” feature is unique among carpooling apps and is especially useful for schools, sports teams, and extracurricular activities. It allows a large group of parents from any kids’ activity to form a group on the app and invite each other to carpool, without having each other in their contacts list. The feature is also secure. New members can only be added by sending the official roster to Figure8 ([email protected]), which verifies new members and adds them to the list.

Real-time notifications 

Parent carpool drivers often have the urge to multi-task (think: figuring out the proper route, updating parents on their kids’ whereabouts, and hushing the kids in the back!). With Figure8’s route plans and real-time notifications, everyone can relax. Non-driving parents in the carpool don’t have to worry about whether or not their kids were picked up or dropped off, because they receive instant notifications at each critical point. Drivers can focus on driving children safely!

Attendance & Dismissal Manager

Figure8 is the only company that connects whole communities to manage kids’ transportation: schools, sports teams, activity directors, and parents. Schools use Figure8’s Attendance and Dismissal System to ensure fast and safe kids’ pickups and dropoffs; they can see exactly who is authorized to pick up children each day, and can dismissal children as their parents approach the school. Parents can even report their children’s absences to the school in a few taps, saving countless phone calls. To add your school to Figure8, please fill out this two-question form and we’ll be in touch!

Integration with Teamsnap

Figure8 integrates with Teamsnap so that parents can easily import all of their child’s sports practices to their rides calendar in a few taps. Then, all parents have to do is invite other members of the team parent community to drive.

These features allow Figure8 to help parents improve their quality of life, cut down on driving and traffic, and make communities stronger through collaboration. If you’re a parent, download the Figure8 app for free here on Android or iOS. If you’re a teacher, coach, or activity director, get in touch with us at [email protected] to add your community to Figure8.

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