Carpooler of the Month: Erica

Nov 18 2018

Our Figure8 carpooler of the month for this November is Erica from New Jersey!

Erica uses Figure8 to arrange her daughter’s carpools to and from school. She has downloaded many carpool apps to coordinate her rides in the past, and she believes the Figure8 app is by far the best. “It isn’t glitchy, the UI is very intuitive,” she said. “The assistant guidance is awesome! I love this app!”

Erica said she plans to use this app in the upcoming years to help manage school pickup and drop-offs with other parents who have varied schedules.

“Thank you so much. I can’t believe this app is kind of in its infancy with how advanced it is. You clearly put a lot of thought into it!” Erica said.

Thanks for carpooling with Figure8, Erica!

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