Carpooler of the Month: Michele

Jun 06 2018

Michele contacted us to let us know that she was not using Figure8 in the intended way. Initially we were puzzled, but our confusion quickly gave way to awe once we learned what she meant.

Last year, Michele began experiencing seizures. “That means I cannot drive for six months!” she wrote.

The news from her doctor evoked an upsetting image in Michele’s mind: her two kids sitting outside of their middle school on a rainy afternoon, with no one to drive them to their activities. It was the last thing she wanted to imagine.

Eager to help, dozens of parents in Michele’s community volunteered to drive her kids. They just needed a carpool organizer so that parents could see her kids’ rides and assign themselves to drive.

When Michele found Figure8 in the App Store, the thought of her children getting stranded at school faded. Figure8 offered her a simple and easy way to plan and manage her kids’ rides and to collaborate with her community. Each parent volunteer could simply see rides with no assigned driver and opt in to drive.

“I have Stage IV cancer, so my ‘Mom Network’ was already working its magic with meals, cards, dropping off library books and such. My friends were happy to have a new way to help me and my two kids (12 and 14) with carpooling to Kung Fu, band practice, and home from middle school after tutoring. We knew we were all driving to and from the same places, but did not have an easy or timely way to communicate with each other. Ta da – Figure8 made it possible. It is an easy, awesome way to corral all the love and good intentions for my family. Moms and Dads who we know and trust are driving my kids around,” Michele wrote.

Michele also emphasized how much her kids have benefited from the social aspect of these rides: “More conversations with other adults, renewing old friendships from elementary school, and making new friends their own age.”

“No matter what happens with my prognosis, I will be forever grateful to my parent friends and Figure8 for helping to strengthen those relationships. I meant to keep this to 3 sentences, but I couldn’t do it—Figure 8 is so much more than just a carpooling app to my family. I hope to return the love when I can drive again!“ —Michele, Mother of 2, MA

Do you know a Figure8 super carpooler? Send a message and photo to [email protected] Download Figure8 here on Android or iOS.

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