Why Figure8’s “Communities” Feature is Perfect for Kids’ Sports Teams

Jul 08 2018

Kids carpooling to activities

Figure8’s Communities tab is where parents from large groups–schools, sports teams, or neighborhoods–can invite each other to carpool without having each other’s numbers in their contacts lists. If you’re not familiar with Figure8’s free carpooling app for parents, you can download it here for free.

How to create a kids’ sports team community in Figure8

In order to create a community on Figure8, a coach or parent sends Figure8 a list of names and phone numbers to be included in the community to [email protected]. The parent lets us know what they would like their community to be called and the icon they’d like to be used. For example, a parent could send us a list of names and phone numbers, request the community to be called “Gymnastics”, and send us their daughter’s team’s logo (or tell us to surprise them!).

Figure8 then sets up the community of authorized drivers, and parents receive a notification that they have been added. Now when parents tap on “invite to carpool” (the icon with three people and a plus sign), they have the option to invite a driver from their child’s Gymnastics community.

How team parents use the Communities tab

Once team moms and team dads have been added to their child’s sports team community, they can invite other parents from the community to drive without having them in their contacts list. Here’s a quick tutorial showing how parents invite other trusted drivers from their child’s sports team community to drive:

Want to create a community for one of your child’s activities or sports teams? Send us an email at [email protected] with a list of parents’ names and phone numbers, the activity title, and a picture or icon to go with it!

Or if you want to try out the app first–download the parent app for free here.

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