How Figure8 Creates Faster and Safer School Dismissals

Jul 11 2018

"No pickup or dropoff beyond this point." School pickup/dropoff sign for parents.

We all know what a hectic school dismissal looks like: parents chatting at the front of the car line and holding up traffic, their students trying to sneak in another game with their friends, and the whole ordeal taking much longer than it needs to. Enter Figure8: a community-based platform to help schools and families manage kids’ transportation. Schools use Figure8’s Attendance and Dismissal Manager (ADM), which automates the dismissal process and works in tandem with Figure8’s free kids’ carpooling app (you can download it here for free). For more information on Figure8’s ADM, check out

Say hello to shorter car lines and safer dismissals with Figure8

Figure8’s system enhances the safety and efficiency of handling students’ pickups and drop-offs with their ADM. After parents at the school download the parent app, teachers can see the following information displayed in a user-friendly dashboard:

  • Exactly who is picking up each student, based on who parents assign to drive in the Figure8 app
  • Parent ETAs so that students can be swiftly dismissed as parents arrive
  • Carpool assignments for small groups of students
  • A place for notes and exceptions (no more paper notes scattered in the office!)

The system saves time for everyone involved. Teachers have more time to teach at the end of the day and can dismiss children from their classrooms. The parent app helps families set up carpools to school, thereby saving time and money, and reducing both traffic on the school campus and carbon emissions.

Schools can set up Figure8 in a matter of hours

Figure8 boasts a quick and easy setup process for schools. Once they understand a school’s car line and dismissal logistics, they tailor the ADM for the school and activate it in a number of hours. The system is also risk-free, offering a 30-day trial period for schools to feel confident that Figure8 will work for their unique dismissal process.

Beyond school, Figure8 helps families manage their kids’ transportation

When schools adopt Figure8, parents spend less time waiting in the carpool line, but they also have a new hub for everything “kids rides”. Parents can remain in control with Figure8’s Virtual Assistant, Eva, which automatically notifies parents when their child has been picked up or dropped off. It even reminds parents when it’s their turn to drive and suggests an optimal route for them to take. And, it’s 100% free.

Figure8 also creates a community of authorized drivers for each school, so that parents from the school can invite each other to drive without having each other in their contacts list.

Parents first receive a notification that they have been added to the school community. Then when parents tap on “invite to carpool” (the icon with three people and a plus sign), they have the option to invite a driver from their child’s Gymnastics community.

Here’s a quick tutorial showing how parents invite other trusted drivers from their child’s school community to drive:

Want to add your school to Figure8? Fill out this form so that we can make their attendance and dismissals faster and safer. Or if you want to try out the app first–download the parent app for free here.

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