How Figure8 Makes Carpooling Safer for the Whole Community

Jul 08 2018

Safe kids carpool app for parents

Kids are precious cargo. From phone verification for individual users to real-time lists of authorized drivers for schools, Figure8’s safety features set the app apart from other carpooling apps and dismissal systems currently available.

Parent phone number verification

Safety is Figure8’s top priority. Figure8 verifies each user upon downloading the app by sending a private code via SMS to ensure that no one is able to create a fake account on the app. Here’s a quick video showing how Figure8 securely verifies parents’ phone numbers before they can use the app:

Parents only carpool with trusted drivers

Figure8 is a community-based app. By definition, parents only have the option to assign other parents who they know and trust to drive their children. Here is a video explaining how parents can invite other drivers to carpool in the Figure8 app:


Schools get an authorized drivers list, updated daily

Once a school’s parent community is added to Figure8, teachers can see exactly who parents assign to pick up each student on a daily basis. The school can even see when a parent signs another driver to pick up their child at the last minute in the Figure8 dashboard. School administrators can see each driver’s ETA and which children are assigned to carpool with each other so that school dismissals are safe and secure.

Figure8 is dedicated to making kids’ transportation safer and streamlined for schools, families, and activity centers. Add your school to Figure8 here, and download the parent app for free here.

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