How to cut your school’s dismissal time in half with Figure8

Oct 07 2018

Aviv Matzkin, a teacher at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in California, is intimately familiar with the daily time-drain that comprises student dismissals at most schools.

“A parent arrives ready to pick up six children to transport to dance practice. I reach for the dismissal card on the dashboard of the van, bring a walkie-talkie to my mouth and say, ‘Grade 3, please send Isaac S,'” he told ISRAEL21c in a recent article.

After a few more attempts, the teacher on the other line would finally reply to Aviv that Isaac was on his way (meanwhile, the congested pickup and drop-off lanes would slow to a halt).

Figure8 has since replaced Aviv’s clipboard and walkie-talkie with its app for mobile phones and tablets. The automated system has cut Hausner’s once 45-minute-long dismissal time down to 25 minutes.

“Now when an empty van approaches, I type one number into my iPad, click six ‘excuse’ buttons and in seven seconds the van is on its way to waiting children,” Aviv explained.

The transition from Hausner’s former process to Figure8’s Attendance and Dismissal Manager took a matter of hours. After receiving Hausner’s roster, Figure8 quickly customized their attendance and dismissal dashboards to reflect their unique needs.

Figure8’s dashboard allows teachers, administrators, and coaches to keep track of student drop-offs and pickups, which students are on campus at any given time, and extracurricular activities. Teachers can also easily update parents’ or students’ contact information from the dashboard.

On the parent end, Figure8’s free app provides parents with the ability to receive notifications when their child has been checked in each morning, to request their child’s dismissal upon arriving at campus, and to report absences, late arrivals, and other exceptions to their child’s normal schedule.

With Figure8’s Attendance and Dismissal Manager, teachers like Aviv can now check in students as they arrive in the morning, and dismiss students as their parents arrive at the end of the day with Figure8’s secure system. Click here to sign up your school for the 2018-19 school year.

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