• How can I start carpooling with Figure8?

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    You’ll need to register the first time you open the app. After that, Figure8’s Virtual Assistant will guide you through setting up an activity, assigning children to the activity, and inviting other parents to carpool.

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  • How do I set up a one-off ride?

    Occasionally, you might not be able to drive at the last minute, and another parent will drive your kids instead. In this case, you will want to tap on the “FROM” driver’s slot and unassign yourself for “This ride only”. Then, assign the one-time driver to drive in that slot for “This ride only”. That’s it–just make sure that the other driver taps on the edit icon (three dots) and leaves the activity after the carpool, so that she does not receive future notifications.

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  • How do I sign up for Figure8?

    First, search for “Figure8 kids” in the app store. Then enter your phone number, verify your number based on a code we send to you via SMS, and sign up in a few taps through Google and Facebook. That’s it!

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  • How can I request my child's dismissal?

    (Note: This feature is only available for schools using Figure8, please contact us to sign up your school). Once you arrive at school during dismissal time, you will receive a push notification from Figure8 that reads “Tap here to request [your child’s name]’s dismissal”. Tap on this notification to open the app.
    You will see the option to tap on “Request Dismissal” for your kid(s). If you have more than one child, you can choose which of them you would like to dismiss. By default, all children are selected, but you can deselect one if he/she will be staying at school.
    Now that you’ve requested dismissal, your child’s teacher will be notified, and you will receive a dismissal notification once the teacher actually dismisses your child.

  • How can I share my child's school carpool with other parent drivers?

    In order to share your school carpool with other school parents, go to your Rides Calendar and tap on the share icon in your school carpool (the icon with three people and a plus sign). This will take you to your contacts screen, where you can select someone from your contacts or from the school community to drive. Then, all you have to do is assign someone to drive!

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  • How do I create a community in Figure for my child's sports team?

    Creating a community in Figure8 is easy. Simply send us an email ([email protected]) with the first names and phone numbers of each parent on your team. Once your community is set up, you can invite other parents from the community to carpool without having their phone numbers in your contacts list. No one except for Figure8 can add new members to this community for security purposes.

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  • How can I find parents to carpool with?

    Once you’ve created an activity, tap on the Rides Calendar and then on Select Driver. Alternatively, click on Communites and then you can invite anyone within your school/camp/other community to carpool with you. This will give you the option to invite anyone from your contacts list to your carpool.

    COMING SOON – The ability to locate carpool matches within your community, based on similar routes, activities, and friends.

  • How will the driver know where to pick up and drop off my child?

    Every parent/caregiver in the carpool can view the pickup and drop-off locations you set up for your child when you create an activity by tapping on the child’s icon (photos or initials) in the Activities menu, Rides Calendar or Map view.

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  • How can I determine the optimal order to pick up and drop off the kids in the carpool?

    In the Rides Calendar, there is a map icon for each activity. Tap on it to see the optimal driving route for pickups and drop-offs. Tap on the Navigate button for specific navigation instructions via Google Maps.

  • Will I be charged for carpooling?

    No. Figure8 is a community-based app, which encourages collaboration between parents. As such, carpooling with Figure8 is free of charge.

  • Will I receive payment for driving?

    No. Figure8 is focused on helping parents collaborate and on reducing the load of driving children around. It is free of charge, so drivers do not receive payment.

  • How many activities can I schedule for my children?

    You can schedule as many activities as you’d like!

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  • How many kids' profiles can I create?

    You can create a profile for each of your children. There is no limit.

  • How many children can I add to a ride?

    You can add as many children as there are seats in the carpool driver’s car.

  • What happens when I am assigned to drive?

    On each day that you are assigned as a driver, you will get a reminder from Figure8. You will also get a notification from Figure8 letting you know the optimal route to take and when to begin your drive to ensure an on-time carpool.


  • Can I carpool in one direction (not to and from an activity)?

    Yes. When you create a carpool, you can designate it as a one-way carpool, a two-way carpool, or a carpool that changes on different days. To change a two-way carpool to a one-way carpool (or vice versa), in either the Activities menu or the Rides Calendar, tap on the 3 dots next to the activity you want to edit. Tap on Edit Activity and then tap on Kids and Their Locations. Eva will take you through the steps you need to set different locations (or no pickup/drop-off necessary) for different days.

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  • How can I communicate with other parents in the carpool?

    Every activity has a group chat associated with it, which allows you to send instant messages to all of the members of that carpool. Just tap on Chats, select the relevant activity, and chat away.  You can even send photos! The chat is useful for sending notes and reminders as well.

  • What should I do if I was assigned as a driver but won't be able to drive?

    In the Rides Calendar, select the relevant day and then tap on your icon and select Unassign Myself.  Remember to assign someone else to drive by tapping on Select Driver and inviting another carpool member.

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  • What do I do if my child is sick or can't carpool one day?

    Simply tap on your child’s photo or initials on the day you want to skip inside of the Rides Calendar, and then tap on Skip Today. This will indicate to the driver that your child is skipped for that day.

  • How can I change an activity location?

    In either the Activities menu or the Rides Calendar, tap on the 3 dots next to the activity you want to edit and select Edit Activity.  Eva, Figure8’s Virtual Assistant, will help you make changes.

  • How can I change my child's pickup or drop-off location?

    In the Rides Calendar, tap on your child’s icon in the relevant activity and select Pickup/Drop-off. Eva, Figure8’s Virtual Assistant, will help you make any necessary changes.

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  • Can I set different pickup and drop-off locations for my child?

    Yes. Eva, Figure8’s Virtual Assistant, will help you do so when you set up the activity. If you need to change pickup or drop-off locations in an existing Activity, in either the Activities menu or Rides Calendar, tap on the three dots next to the activity you want to edit. Select Edit Activity and then select Kids and their locations. Eva will guide you through setting different pickup and drop-off locations.

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  • How can I schedule different activity locations on different days of the week?

    You must select one location when you first create an activity. After the activity is created, in either the Activities menu or the Rides Calendar, tap on the 3 dots next to the activity you want to edit and select Edit Activity. Eva, Figure8’s Virtual Assistant, will guide you through setting different locations for different days.

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  • Can I add my child to an existing activity?

    Yes. In either the Activities menu or the Rides Calendar, tap on the 3 dots next to the activity you want to edit and select Add Kid. Eva, Figure8’s Virtual Assistant, will help you add your child. If a ride was shared with you, in the lower left-hand corner of the carpool, you will see a circle with a plus sign and the words “add”. Tap on this to add your child to the activity that was shared with you.

  • How can I delete a carpool if it is no longer relevant?

    In either the Activities menu or the Rides Calendar, tap on the 3 dots next to the activity you want to delete and select Leave Activity (this way, you can delete an activity from your phone and others can continue to carpool without you).

  • What is the Driver Assistant?

    Eva, Figure8’s Driver Assistant, is your virtual co-pilot. Based on GPS and AI technology, Eva keeps parents in the carpool informed when kids have been picked up or dropped off so that drivers can focus on driving safely.

  • Is there a rating system for Figure8 users/drivers?

    Not yet. We’re working on one!

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