Figure8 is Born

Sep 01 2017

Parents, do you recall the days when your afternoons were free to do with as you pleased? You could go to the gym, focus on your career, spend time with your spouse or just relax!

Ever since your budding athlete started playing soccer or your little one started taking ballet, you’ve probably found yourself juggling their activities – planning rides, making sure your spouse or babysitter know exactly when and where to go to drop off or pick up the kids, setting reminders for all of the drivers so no child is left stranded, not to mention spending hours stuck in traffic.

What if you could share the load with other parents and manage all of your kids’ rides in one app? Well, now you can with Figure8.
The Figure8 app connects parents within a community and helps them arrange and manage kids’ carpools to save precious time.
With real time updates from the Figure8 Driver Assistant, you can feel in control of where your kids are, so you can enjoy some peace of mind a little free time for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Figure8 now.

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